Really I’m just some bloke who does (or rather did) technical stuff for a living. Things like design, install, configure IP telephone systems, routers, switches, WANs, LANs, WLANS, datacentres etc. In an anarok kind of way it’s a pretty interesting way to earn a living, but to a normal person it’s just nerdy. Do it right and no-one even notices, but do it wrong…..

It occurred to me recently that the list of cool things I do (Hang Gliding, Microlighting, Motorcycling, Streetluge etc.) has become the list of cool things I used to do, and that’s a bit of a worry. I’m going back to the UK from Australia, so I figured I might as well enjoy the trip and ride back by bike. It’s no big deal to me, though many people seem to think so.

So who’s Sophie? Long story! Sophie Whiptank exists because I’m crap at remembering passwords, and couldn’t log into the Royal Enfield owners’ club forum one day. I created her as an alias just to log in and it caused a bit of a storm with the old boys. It’s all good now, but I guess the legecy of Miss Whiptank lives on. I get a few strange looks when people call me Sophie, but I can live with that.

And Bart? Another nickname. No-one chooses their nicknames, at least I don’t think so anyway. Bart exists due to a bad choice of haircut coinciding with the release of the Simpsons in the UK. I rocked up to the bike club and some smartarse said “alright Bart?”, it kind of stuck. Depending on which hemisphere I’m in I’m known as one or the other. But whatever you call me (polite or otherwise), remember that nothing I do is particularly special and I’m….

…Just a bloke riding home.

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  1. G’day Mark tell the truth little jealous you are living life the fullest I will keep abreast where you are and report back to our Российские товарищи

    Keep riding and keep cool
    Hey like the bad ass photo


  2. Yesterday, being at work, nobody expected such an interesting meeting. It was nice to chat with someone who is living an interesting life. For a man who lived in a small town on the edge of Russia, it was a surprise. Some people are limited to only a dream, someone not afraid and does what I want. I could never get an answer when asked – ” how Much money do I need to travel? How much do you spend on all the way?” :))) I hope you will not think I was trying to take your money 😀 gestures, which was the place to be, it probably seemed exactly 🙂 well You speak Russian, if to compare with my conversation in English. There are things you can learn from. Sorry for the obscure and ignorant text. Write via translator. Motivated to learn English, suddenly a meeting yet. In this case, to find not carbonated water is not difficult, in the absence of a language barrier 🙂 So happy and interesting way, plenty of good, interesting people, unforgettable impressions and new goals. Before Christmas should be house ) greetings from town called Vyazemsky 😉

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