Monthly Archives: April 2021

Patterns coming along


Dave dropped round with one half of the patterns to show us the progress. Not far off being finished, the fillets, radii and draught angles are going in ok. The timing cover needs a second coat of paint and the main casing a full paint, but another week or two and they’ll be ready to take to the foundry.

I took the opportunity to pair them up with a barrel and for the first time the final dimensions are apparent. Bit of a lump but I can make it work. If the casting isn’t too pricy I’ll have two sets cast, and use the spare set and barrel for dimensioning the frame. The frame builders will appreciate a full sized engine to work with.

With all this activity going on, I need to start thinking about ignition and a carb. Neither of these are particularly challenging, I just haven’t put a great deal of thought in just yet.

Oof – get in!


With restrictions easing and a week off work, I was able to take up a very kind offer from Gary Stead at Stead and Wilkins ( They have some serious kit there, and amongst it all is a 100 Ton hydraulic press. Gary allowed me to use the press, which made light work of pressing the crank together.

A guy called George helped cart the heavy components across the yard, and operated the press after I’d set up the blocks. All done in about 10 minutes! Gary then showed me around the workshop, which was impressive to say the least. What a pity they’re so far for Leicester!

Definitely a company to keep in touch with, very capable and nice people. Biscuits are on me!