Monthly Archives: October 2016

Don’t Anthropomorphize Motorcycles. (They hate that!).


Here’s a thing. After becoming my workhorse and faithfully taking me up and down the M69 daily, the KLR650 seems just as happy as it did climbing rocky mountains in Mongolia or crossing deserts in Australia. It doesn’t seem to care that the journeys are the same each day, the weather is cooler and the distances are shorter. (But speeds are higher). I suppose that’s because it’s a machine and not a living thing, even though it’s nice to anthropomorphize now and then.

But milestones are approaching and today the bike just clicked over 66666.6kms. To some people that’s a highly suspect number, the mark of the devil and best avoided at all costs. I’m don’t believe that – I mean if the speedo measured in miles it’d be 41427.0, so is that any more or less dangerous? Or do motorcycles with speedos set in miles get to go further before eternal damnation? Hardly!

Nonetheless, it’s another milestone and worth recording for posterity.

It does lead me to the next milestone in our household, my Birthday. Not exactly imminent, but it just over 4 years I’ll be 50 years old and that does tend to light the imagination. Is another big trip on the cards? Possibly, I’d love to do that and I know Chip and Ken are keen. But what about making something? I haven’t had a good project on the go for a while now, and if I start on my Birthday I’ll have 4 years to achieve something. But what? What do you make that’s so different and worth doing?

Answers on a postcard please!