Monthly Archives: March 2013

Ooooh Aaaargh QR!


Not much happening this Easter weekend, just a little touch up of some paintwork and a wash for the bikes. My partner in crime is away so no planning either, just a Happy Easter at home. While I was online I knocked up a QR code, just for the hell of it. I’m going to see if I can spray one on the bike, so at least somewhere there’s a link to the blog without any blatant advertising.

One thing at a time though, for now I’m happy just to have the graphics. Hmm, now if anyone tries the code without reading the text, they’ll just get this page again. And if they try the code without reading the text, they’ll just get this page again. And if…..

Another Friend in Hospital!


While mate A is recovering and on the mend, mate B goes and throws himself off at the weekend! Sorry if the images are a bit gruesome, but it’s always worth bearing in mind what could happen. (And also that you might not be so close to a modern hospital, ambulance or even telephone at the time).

Thankfully Norm is in good spirits and being operated on tomorrow, so hopefully he’ll be plated and pinned and on the mend very soon. All the best people with broken bones, I DO know what it’s like – but I can do without the reminders thanks!

Safe week everyone!

Asia or South America?


More prices for shipping and sea freight are coming in. It looks like the air service to Vladivostok has been cancelled for the rest of this year. The normal route is air-freight to Korea, then take the ferry to VK. Korean Air are not operating wide bodies jets this year, so that means it may be sea freight or nothing.

Air freight to Santiago or Buenos Ares has been quoted at very high rates, but something more reasonable has now come back. At this point it could go either way, which isn’t good for planning purposes. I expect the results will be out in a week or two.

Meanwhile, it’s hard to plan any route from A to B, when you haven’t decided where point A is yet!

That’s Better!


All in black and I’m much happier, the bike is definitely more ‘Me’ now!

Meanwhile, my erstwhile friend has been badgering shipping and air-freight companies for quotes to Vladivostok and Santiago. Slowly (man these people are slow), the quotes are coming in. Possibly the biggest factor in choosing the route is about to be settle once and for all. A route will emerge so the trip moves to the next level.

For now though, having a black bike and a plan is enough. For now…..

Paint it Black!


I see a red bike and I want to paint it blaaaack! Well OK, actually I see a blue bike, but such a crappy blue I can live with it no longer.

Off comes the paintwork for a good splash of matt black. Also a chance to see what’s underneath, which thankfully looks fine.

Can’t wait for the post apocalyptic look once its back together again!