Monthly Archives: April 2012

Shiny new parts.


Just waiting for new rings to arrive. In preparation for a long trip, I decided to pull the heads off to see why she was smoking a bit. It turns out the oil scraper ring was broken on the LHS. While it’s been apart I got Headworks to put some new valves in, a guide where needed and fit some guide seals. (Not standard).

Pity the rings didn’t arrive as we had the day off for Anzac day, I could have had her all back together and running. Still, I can’t say I’m keen for a road test in this weather! I’m pleased to report that motorcycle engine parts are resting safely in their second home – the kitchen!

Tracker – Jack


I’ve been recommended to get one of these Spot Tracker things.

Looks like you can leave a ‘breadcrumb’ trail of where you’ve been, updated every 10 minutes. You can link it to a website for near real-time updates.

How exiting!

Then again, a GPS that doesn’t tell you where you are – but tells everyone else exactly where you’ve been?

I wonder if that’s such a good idea???? Hmmm….

Maps, Maps and More Maps!


I spent over $100 on MAPs for the planning stage of the trip today. Google maps is awesome, but I might not have Internet access for long parts of the trip. Much as I love technology, when it fails generally you’re shafted. There’s no substitute for a good map and compass. (Hmm, next thing I need is a compass then!).

Guess what. Spend over $100 on Maps and you get ……. A free MAP!!!! (Of Australia. Great!).

Now to plan the whole extravaganza.