Monthly Archives: May 2017

Completed plans.


Bob has finished drawing the plans full sized and a cracking job he’s made of them. I now have a couple of copies courtesy of work, so I can cut out one of the full sized projections and stick it on the wall. With a wheel either side it’ll give me some idea of scale and what the frame needs to do.

A friend and the drawing office have independently offered to try to transpose it into CAD, which will be really useful for 3d modelling. It might also lead to an alternate way to get the patterns made.

I’m still trying to find a special spanner, or even just a nut, so I can see what parts I can salvage from Graham’s engines. Looks good on paper though doesn’t it??

It’s a Centaurus!


Looking through the parts I have in a little more detail, the cylinder I have is definitely Centaurus. This isn’t good news as I was hoping to swap it for the cylinder off a Hercules complete with matched internal parts. This might not be so easy now.

The sleeve drive for the rear bank of cylinders on the Centaurus is on the rear of the cylinder. I can see why they did it, but it doesn’t help me now. That’s the major give away as otherwise they’re the same.

I could of course use all Centaurus parts and make it 2.96 litres instead of 2.75. Or make two? A small one and a big one? Hmmm….