Monthly Archives: July 2017

Conrod to make.


It’s been a while since I updated the blog, mostly because not much has happened recently. Well, plenty of thinking but it’s hard to take a photo of that! Bob has been busy drawing Issue 2 of the plans, which I now have scanned in.

Graham has been on holiday so we can’t access the engine, and we haven’t finished making a new spanner yet anyway. On that, Nick has been busy with his rotary table as we’re planning to make the next spanner a different way.

I’ve been holding off spending big money until I know I can get all the parts, but I figured £40 for some 6082 aluminium to make a conrod was ok. Nick was planning to make the outside on his machine, but research into cutting speeds has lead us to abandon that idea.

Back to old school millers in Bob’s shed then! Luckily Nick has done some homework and worked out how we can do this. What a clever bloke! I’ll be taking these calculations round to Bob’s later.