Monthly Archives: November 2013

Getting stoned….


Having spent a long time perfecting the art of shaving with a straight razor, I’d noticed the edge had become dull. Even stropping didn’t bring it back. It was time to get it professionally honed, or have a go myself.

A good mate of mine retired a while back and now just travels around oz by bike (every man’s dream, right?). He carries a set of sharpening stones and sharpens fishermen’s knives in return for fish. He does quite well out of it. Gives me an idea.

I took the plunge and ordered a Norton waterstone. Pretty expensive I thought for a stone, given I’d no idea how to use it! Well after an evening watching youtube followed by having a go, all I can say is that I’m really impressed!!

My razor is, er, razor sharp now! This morning’s shave confirmed that. I’ll also be able to sharpen my swiss army knives too. It’s a fair weight to carry around the world, but I have the feeling it’ll become as indispensable as the knives themselves.




So there it is, nearly $500 later and I have an actual via label in my new passport! This is the proof I need to apply for a Russian visa next year.

Meanwhile, the Russian lessons are going OK. The class is less then half the size it was at the start, but those who continue are fairly committed.

And finally, we have a new starter at work from Russia! Welcome Oleg, мoй русский друг!