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A good idea, almost!


I picked up a few extras the other day, payday being the best time of the month to do so 🙂 They came really quickly, quicker than expected so fitting them is taking a while. I chucked the easy one on last night.

The fender bag holds whatever you want, but is designed for a spare tube. I managed to squeeze a front and rear tube in, plus a pair of short levers. It’s a great idea in theory, spare tubes to hand of you need them, without them ever getting in the way.

Unfortunately the KLR front guard isn’t up to the job. Too flexible. Mounting closer to the forks would help, but the headlight gets on the way. I could get a front fork brace, but that just adds extra weight. Hey ho, back to the drawing board for now….



I had a phone call from the map shop the other day to say the maps I ordered are in stock. Not the best result though, they cover Western Russia very well – but Eastern Russia not at all. I’m starting in the East and that’s where I’ll need a map the most!

More orders placed, but at least I have the Western half to pour over and make plans with! Google maps are great, but I doubt I’ll get wireless or 3g where I’m going. I certainly don’t want to rely on it!!

Goodbye my friend.


Something I’m looking forward to is getting some good pictures. Proper pictures of the stunning scenery and deep characters I’m no doubt going to come across. Pictures that stop you dead and make you go WOW! Where’s that?

I’m not saying I’m a great photographer by any means, but my trusty DSLR has produced some awesome results in some of my lucky moments. I was relying on it to record my trip, but the reality is it’s just too big to take. It’s also too heavy.

So, it’s up on eBay and I have some bids so it’s sold. I just don’t know for how much yet. It’s such a shame as it’s a great camera, and I don’t even know what I’ll be replacing it with either. Goodbye my friend.

The trip camera has yet to be decided. Watch this space….

Christmas presents!


While recovering from a foolish bout of exercise the other day, I’ve been reviewing the Christmas gifts I received. Some of them will be very useful on a long trip.

Check out the warm socks, compass, life straw and St. Christopher! Add to that a base layer and I’m that little bit more prepared than before.

Now that my trip is THIS year and starting in under 4 months, every bit of preparation helps! Thanks everyone!

Happy New Year Fatty!


The past few months of chocolates at work, big meals and lack of exercise have taken their toll alright. Now tipping the scales at 84kg and waste size 34 I need to do something about it.

Doing a big trip will alter my physique, possibly even make me leaner and fitter (?). But common sense says that it’s best to start off being in good shape. I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again.

As a rough guide I checked out the British Army fitness levels for entry. They say….

50 sit ups in 2 minutes.
44 press ups in 2 minutes.
Run 2.4k in 14 minutes.

I just tried (after a full breakfast) and I managed….

44 sit ups.
36 press ups.
I know I can do the run.

So for a 43yr old that’s not to shabby. My gosh is to get army fit and better before I leave.