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While Dave works on the patterns, a little job I’ve been meaning to get around to I finally got around to! The Kawasaki brakes seize monthly during the British winters. Government sponsored rust fairies abound when they put salt on the roads. Might as well be riding through the sea!

The brake pistons are steel which is hard chromed. Ok for a while but the chrome is thin and eventually flakes off. New pistons are pricey and don’t last more than a couple of seasons. I knocked up a pair in 303 stainless steel, which should last a long time! (Longer than the rest of the bike looking at it).

So the front is rebuild and the rears will go in this afternoon. The mighty KLR 650 will be back up and running for winter – if I ever get to go anywhere 😷πŸ₯ΆπŸ

A Pattern Maker


Meet Dave. Dave swims like a fish, no, wait – that’s a 70’s government advice cartoon urging you to learn to swim.

Meet Dave, our new pattern maker. Dave cut his teeth making patterns for his apprenticeship, before branching out into wooden shoes. He’s fairly local and s biker too, so it all fits together nicely!

We’ve spent a few nights running through our project, the drawings and some patterns from other engines. Dave has suggested a few foundries to try around Leicestershire, so that’s next on the list.

It should take around 6 weeks give or take, so I could have a set of patterns in my hand for my Birthday. Or maybe, even, the castings!!