Monthly Archives: April 2014

У меня есть виза!


Roughly translated that means I have a Visa! More specifically, a Russian visa for 90 days stay within a 1 year period with multiply entry. How cool is that?

More specifically, how expensive was that? Answer is очен!

But the wait is over and I have my passport back, with days to spare! Flights are booked and so is the shipping to Korea. I just heard back from the ferry company regarding the bike. Not cheap, but it sounds fairly hassle free.

I just need to fix a few last things on the bike, and try not to prang it on the way to work!! Is it time to get excited yet? Almost….



I thought I’d do a test load of the bike to see how it goes. Not the full compliment with socks and food, but pretty much everything else I’m taking.

I went for the “worst case” scenario of hot weather, with all of the bulky garments packed away rather than being worn. There’s still spare room which is good.

The load is high up but there’s not much I can do about that. The good news is that the weight isn’t too far back, which will give the rack and test subframe an easier time. I can definitely feel the extra weight, I might see what I’m actually carrying on the scales.

I’ll give it a week commuting and see what happens.

The secret plans!


OK, so there are no secret plans, but if I had any I’d be able to store them in this plastic pipe. It’s securely mounted thanks to Norm, fully water tight and large enough to hold my two stoves, pots and fuel. There’s even space for Kelly the kettle!!

Hiding behind it is a Jack that Norm made, which means I can now take the wheels off to fix a puncture if I have to. The final job done was fixing those captive bolts that broke off.

All I need now is a new chain and the bike is all set. The next job is to load up the bike with everything and see how it feels. With departure getting ever closer, every little bit helps.

Going, going ….. Gone!


One major job off the list is shipping the Royal Enfield back to the UK. Packed with various other personal effects and children’s soft toys, next time I see this create it’ll be on the other side of the world. (And probably raining!).

Now that’s done I can spend more time looking at the KLR, like the chain that’s very worn for starters! I’m also in the throes of buying new bike trousers, not a simple task with the wide range of gear now available.

Farewell my shiny café racer, see you on the other side of the world!

No such thing as a 5 minute job….


Ok so it doesn’t look much, but this little part of the bike has been giving me some trouble! Last year on the Oodnadatta track two of the bolts holding the rear rack sheared off. It wasn’t a big problem, the side bolts do a good job anyway – but it’s something I’ve been meaning to fix for ages.

The way Kawasaki have made it, you have to take the whole rear end apart to get to them. Not a small job but the end result is only a small improvement, hence it taking me so long to get around to it! Unfortunately the broken bolt pieces are stuck in, I couldn’t even drill them out. I need to tackle this again round Norm’s place, where I have access to a grinder and welder.

Look out Norm!