Monthly Archives: March 2014

Battery’s are in!


It was a bit of a squeeze and for a moment I thought I’d blown $150 on a battery I’d have to cart around in my luggage! But with a small mod to the battery compartment with a hacksaw, I’ve managed to fit 2x Lithium polymer batteries in.

One to use plus a spare. Both pack more punch than the lead acid standard battery, and the combined weight is still less then half what the standard battery weighs. Result!

I also fitted a toggle switch to the wires I disconnected from the side stand switch. When I park in a dodgy area now I can ensure the bike won’t pull away if someone hot wires it. I’m not sure how it will stand up to the vibration long term, but if it doesn’t then I’ll just twist the wires together again.

Crate news!


When I get to Perth I’ll have to crate up the KLR650. I don’t know anyone in Perth so it’ll be a bit of a challenge. Southbank BMW came up trumps here, giving me a crate in Melbourne so I can send the Enfield home. They’ve also put me in touch with a BMW dealer in Perth who can do the same. Cool!

The crate itself is light but strong, and there’s plenty of room for an Enfield. The Kawasaki will need to have the front wheel removed, but that’s not really an issue. I’ll see how I go packing the Enfield, but it looks like it won’t be a problem. Room for a few personal effects too!

Another little problem fixed. Now I just need those nice Russians to grant me a visa. Fingers crossed, as I hear the UK have stopped issuing visas to the Russians. Governments eh?

Power to the people!


I had a full on breakdown on Friday night, or a “failure to proceed” as Rolls Royce would put it. The battery on the KLR has been on the wind down for some time. I’d been meaning to replace it and I finally got to a shop just before heading to the airport. Good job I did!!

I took the plunge and opted for a lithium polymer battery, running at half the size and 1/5 the weight of the standard unit. I didn’t have time to fit it before flying to Sydney, by I put it in the top box in case she wouldn’t start on my return. Well start she did which was great, but then all the electrics died on the city link. Bugger!

I fitted the new battery with a little effort, being half the size means packing is required. It’s got a load of shove in electric terms! Got me home no worries. I was looking at a more permanent packing solution when a thought occurred. Why not just fit two batteries?? They way I’d have a spare with me all the time. One would act as packing for the other, and together they’re still lighter then the original.

I’m loving the concept as with no kick start, the battery is the one item that could leave me stranded. I doubt I could bump start her on a dirt track, especially with a full tank and luggage. My one concern has just been fixed!!

Power to the people!

DooWhat? DooHickey!


I fitted a new balance shaft chain tensioner mechanism the other day, know as the DooHickey in KLR circles. It’s a known weak point in the engine design of what is otherwise a generally unburstable motor. Later models like mine aren’t so bad, but it’s still worth doing if you’re planning a long trip. For peace of mind, it’s essential!

You need to remove the primary outer cover, rotor and primary inner. Special tools are required for this. The primary inner needs a hole drilling for the replacement torsion spring, then it all goes back together with new gaskets. Saying all this makes it sound very complex, but it’s actually quite simple.

The Original parts were holding up OK, but the motor is a lot quieter now. Surprisingly so. I also fitted a different bash plate, I much prefer this item. Another little job done in preparation for the trip!

Hammocks a gogo.


So I opened the package and extracted the goods, all in sharp order thanks to Adam and the crew at MYUS. Thanks!

Today I had a first crack at pitching the hammock and fly. I had lots of “help” from a very excited 2 year old, but that was lovely! Here she is testing out the suspension prior to me getting in.

The fly looks good, and the while thing will be up in minutes once I’ve made the changes in planning. Once it’s up the cammo will blend into the woods and I’ll be as incognito as possible. Just how I like it.