Monthly Archives: September 2013

All for charity mate!


Not specifically related to riding to the UK, but a good cause and a great laugh. The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride in Melbourne was a great success today. Part of a worldwide ride to raise money for prostate cancer.

The weather played ball and it was a hoot. But more than that, it’s amazing how many smiles a plastic skeleton can generate. Every home should have one!

Size matters!


The other day while purchasing a new stove, I spied a bargain that was to good miss! I needed a new sleeping bag as the one I have is rubbish. There on the shelf was a synthetic bag rated for -5°C, under 50 bucks!!

Unfortunately I omitted to read the label properly. It’s way to small!! It doesn’t actually say “child’s” on it, but no grown up I know would fit in it! Too proud to admit I’m an idiot, back to the shop I went, this time for a longer affair.

Having more time to shop this time around, I was a bit more extravagant and went for a duck down job. A small package that opens up to one with plenty of length and warmth. Next dilemma I’d whether to try a hammock on place of a tent..


Cooking with gas(oline)!


So I finally took the plunge and purchased a stove. The camping I’ve done to date usually revolves around a pub or venue with food, and I’ve never really been bothered cooking my own.

I’ve used trangias in the past and they’re pretty neat, but slow. I looked at the gas offerings, jet boils look good but you need to reliably be able to get gas. In the end I plumped for a multi fuel job.

The optimus runs on anything, diesel, petrol and kerosene. If you have fuel for the bike, you have fuel for the stove. (And with that 36l tank I can afford to burn a few sausages!).

Tested this weekend to great effect, even if I did only manage to make hot drinks. Being petrol driven I didn’t even need a lighter, just a spark. Very useful. Just one little thing on the huge list of being prepared, but keep ticking them off….