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Dappr Aviation


Finally, after 2 years of trawling round aircraft museums, breakers yards, ebay and gumtree! I located a piston at a very unique business called Dappr Aviation. They make quality bespoke furniture and art out of old aircraft and helicopter components.

Check out their website here

They also make really cool outdoor garden pods out of slices of aircraft. They’re called Aeropods and are ideal for my secret garden, for when I’m working from home. As soon as funds allow I’ll be giving them a call.

I met with Dave who really looked after me, showing me around all the cool stuff they make. I could have spent all day there (and nearly did!). Thanks for all your help Dave, great to meet you. I’ll no doubt see you again.

Project wise this is the last original engine component I need. The rest is being made. The conrod needs boring for the main bearing and the little end bush. After that it’ll be ready to press together.