Monthly Archives: June 2013

A spot more racing.


The last couple of weeks have seen emails off to various freight companies, visa “agencies” and travel companies. It’s a time consuming and often fruitless pursuit, but it needs to be done as time is marching on.

This weekend was a welcome break from that, in the form of a spot of sidecar racing! Bernie finally got his finger out and the race outfit was ready to race. (Beautifully turned out too). A mis-fire dogged our chances, but a brilliant last race against another team with tyres on the way out made for some very close racing.

I have a trip to Alice Srpings next month, so the long range tank will get fitted and tested as soon as it arrives.
And the colour I chose?
you’ll just have to wait and see!!

Tanks for the Memory.


Under great, great, great deliberation and debate is a replacement tank. The one I put a big ding in is driving me nuts, and if I’m replacing it I might as well go for one of the long range alternatives. There’s a mob in the US making huge tanks which look impressive, and they contain a lift pump to get the fuel from the far corners up above the carb. My reservation here is that if the pump fails there’s unavailable fuel, and a possible breakdown waiting to happen.

I had a log talk to Robin, the guy who makes the Safari tanks here in Oz. They don’t have a lift pump but rely on forward acceleration to wash fuel into a sump above the carb. It makes sense, and apart from motorway (freeway) riding normal stop/start riding will ensure the sump stays full as the fuel gets drained. It’s quite a price but I’m going to go for it. The tank weighs less than the standard and carries the fuel lower down, so if I put the “normal” amount of fuel in around the town it’ll be a more nimble machine.

It’s also a little more protection for the radiators than the standard plastic panels. The most important (and it’s killing me) debate is what colour. Translucent green or Black. Black will disappear into the bike, keeping the hard look and remaining anonymous. Green means I end up with a coloured bike (never had a green bike before), plus I will be able to see how much fuel is in there just by looking. That could be very useful indeed! But, but, but……

Decisions Decisions! Black or Green….

Blown Away!


In the midst of planning an adventure, I managed to get away for a Dyno day with the cafe racer. Results were disappointing, so the quest for more power begins!

Taking the head off was a nightmare, lots of hitting with wood but no sign of movement. A friend suggested I blow the head off by starting the motor. I thought I’d give it a go.


Ringing ears and 4 car alarms later, it’s off! Now let’s see what’s inside….