Another engine.


I went back up to Donnington tonight to check out Graham’s other engine. It wasn’t what I expected but it has potential. It also gave me chance to try out the new spanner. (Which fits the nuts but is too big, so a little adjustment is required).

It looks dry and with all the manifolds intact, so the internals may be OK. The manifolds will take a lot of time to remove, which is Saturday’s job. Another trip planned with Bob and Nick then! I’m lucky to have some good friends around to help out!

Making a spanner.


I went round to see my mate Nick today, armed with some 6mm steel plate left over from the workbench. The idea was to make a spanner by cutting the same profile as the prototype in steel.

The issue we had was the cutting depth of the small diameter cutters. We had to cut half way through, then turn the job over and do the same from the other side. We also had to make sure that the two sides lined up perfectly.

Nick made a jig to hold the job between two dowels along the centre line, so when we turned it over everything would line up. It worked perfectly! I’m really seeing the benefit of CNC machining and I think as I tool up that’s the way I’ll go.

Here’s the master at work.

Clever Lad.


So I rang my mate Nick on Saturday morning around 9. We chatted about the project and general stuff, including the possibility of turning my plasma cutter into a CNC plasma cutter – which I’m quite excited about.

Nick was keyed up to make a spanner and I’m taking the nut round tonight, but he asked for some basic measurements. Number of teeth, outside diameter and depth of the teeth. At 11 I received the picture below by email. Looks pretty good doesn’t it? Clever Lad!

So the plan is to make a few mock up spanners in plastic for a trial fit. Once we have the best version it’ll be cut in steel, hardened if necessary and ready to use in anger! A big leap forward for the project, thanks Nick!