Monthly Archives: June 2021

First cut of the cases


The drive side case was first up for fly cutting the mating surface. Bob mounted it to the table and did the faffing about getting it level, but in fairness the casting was pretty straight. I did a dry run of the tool path and when that was complete there was no delaying it. Time for the first cut!

The mighty Bridgeport performed admirably and 20 thou cuts were a breeze. I showed Bob how to start the program and after a couple of goes he was away. We had to take about a quarter off the height, which didn’t take too long at all.

Loads of man glitter kicking around now, so I need to be careful not to get it round the house. Swarf gets everywhere doesn’t it??

On the case!


Weighing in at 26.7kg, one full set of cast engine cases. I weighed them as I wanted to know how much metal gets removed when I machine them. There’s a generous allowance for machining and they’re quite heavy, so hopefully I’ll get to under 25kg.

I had a couple of sets cast and heat treated, so I’ll machine a spare set. The spare can be used for a mockup engine with a barrel for dimensioning the frame. But that’s a way off as there’s plenty of machining to be done. Bob and I will work together on the Bridgeport.

Here we go!

Last few bits


For a while now locating the last few bits from the mights Bristol Hercules engine I need has been playing on my mind. A pair of washers snd circlips for either side of the piston. Not huge items but hugely important and a pain to have to make.

I needn’t have worried. A quick call to Patrick at Maddison 4×4 (who does beautiful restorations of aircraft engines) and very generously they arrived next day! Amazing how the universe works sometimes, thank you Patrick!

Last on the list is the castings, which will be ready for collection on Thursday. Can’t wait!