Monthly Archives: February 2013

A Friend in Hospital.


I went to see a mate in hospital yesterday, who had the misfortune of hitting a Kangaroo on his way to work. It’s made a mess of his arm, his elbow was in 7 or 8 pieces! He’s ok in himself, and receiving excellent medical care – but it has brought home the magnitude of what I’m planning somewhat. Ok, so they don’t have Kangaroos in Mongolia/Patagonia or wherever, but a goat/sheep/Ox/Elephant etc. can easily do the same damage. Add to that the fact that they don’t have the same emergency responders or medical facilities either, and you start to see how things can go wrong in a big way!

Not wishing to be the prophet of doom, I’m sure we’ll be fine. (And if not at least careful!). No riding at night will help of course, as that’s when the nasties come out! When we’ve decided on the final route the exact hazards will be more identifiable, but really it’s just like riding a bike! Right?

Gav, get well soon mate – as someone who’s already ridden across continents you have my respect. Right, now I’m off to look at jackets to replace my aging (but excellent) Hein Gereck.

Plasti-dip. Black anyone?


I’ve just fitted a taller screen to the KLR. It looks like an insect! I’ve also been thinking about the colour. Blue has never been a lucky colour for me. Maybe satin black?

A mate has recommend this stuff. Kind of a spray on vynl wrap. Lasts a couple of years, protects the paint, then you peel it off and start again. Looks OK.

Black? White? Any thoughts???

The Mighty KLR.


So I finally succumbed to the fact that going as a pair means 2 wheels rather than 3. The COD would be perfect for a solo trip, but a bike it is.

I picked up this tidy example on eBay, with all the accessories I was looking for. Heated grips, tall screen, engine bars, stainless exhaust.

Now I just have to learn to ride it off road! Practice awaits!!