Monthly Archives: December 2012



Ok ok, so I haven’t updated my blog for a while. That’s largely because I haven’t been lanning a round the world trip, being given a 2 year extension. In the mean time I finished building my cafe racer, which is awesome – everything I hoped for! I got to ride it after all, hurrah!

This Christmas I’m touring New Zealand with Steve, who’s famous last words were…..

“Ïf you’d given me a bit more notice for riding to London I’d have come with you”. Well Sir, now you have 18 months notice, so it’s on!! We’re touring the South Island for 5 days on a Kawasaki KLR650 (Steve) and BMW GS650G (Me). As long as we still get along like we did, we’ll have a definite green light for the trip. Planning restarts and I’ll keep you updated on here.

But for now, Happy Christmas to the Millions Thousands Hundreds of blog followers. (Ok, My dad and a couple of mates!).
See you next year!!!