Monthly Archives: January 2022

Tap tap…


Over the break progress on the engine head been good. The drive side case is finished and the timing side well advanced. Attention now turns to the timing case, which will be quite complex. The first job is to get it bolted into the timing side, so we have a reference to work from.

The plan is to get the timing cover bolted on, then make a couple of mandrels to fit in the bores for the sleeve drive and main bearings. The mandrels will have a small hole in the centre, through which we can fit a bike punch. This will allow the centres to be accurately marked on the inside of the timing case.

In order to bolt the timing case on, the timing side needs to be drilled and tapped. 32 holes in total. Tap tap…. Starting tap, number 2 tap and finally plug tap. 96 operations! In the plus side, the second set of cases will then be ready to drop off at the frame builders.

Tap tap….