Monthly Archives: March 2020

Back to basics


What a crazy world we’re living in right now, with everything shut down for the Corona virus. I hope anyone reading this is safe snd well.

The enforced stay home has given me some more tinker time, so I’ve gone back to basics with a single motor & step driver. The arduino is running grbl now, and connected to a Raspberry Pi running bCNC.

It all seems to work rather well, and has really helped my understanding of how it all fits together. Nick and Matt have been a great help, remotely of course.

The next job is to fit it all into a box to mount on the wall, move the humongous power supply and get it all connected securely. The motors, mounts, pulleys etc. also need sorting, so there’s still a lot to do!

One small step(per) for man


I’ve made a new friend in the village, just a short walk away. Enter the scene Matt, who has a full on CNC setup at home and is very smart!

So with help from Matt and Nick I’m well on my way, with borrowed step controllers, Arduino, laptop and motor. The Internet is also a great source of information for this kind of thing, so I’m hoping to have something that moves very soon!

Pulleys, belts and taper locks are on order, and I have a plate marked out for mounting the motor.

Watch this space….