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Sizing up the Denbigh


Here’s one half of the cases plonked onto the table of the Denbigh mill. You can see the flailing belts which have to be hand pulled to help start the motor to the rear of the machine!

The boring head in the photo will automatically expand to perform a facing operation. It was second hand and hasn’t been used yet, plenty of old stuff that ‘might come in useful one day’ is being pressed into service – and it’s good to see. Shed recycling to save the planet 💪

The second set is being drilled and the second timing case milled. Once those jobs are complete, we can look closer at fitting locating dowels. Finally, we will come back to the Denbigh….

Together forever!


Well not yet, but one set of cases has been drilled and assembled by the shed faires. They were busy while I was on holiday!

The machine in the background is the Denbigh Mill. It has the capacity to machine the bore and face off the throat, which even the Bridgeport won’t manage.

It’s an old machine and in breach of just about every health and safety regulation ever written! (So I tend not to use it). But with common sense and due care ut should do a good job for us.

In parallel I’ve been facing the timing cover, which is quite tricky to mount – but one I have a flat face the rest should be easier. Making 2 complete sets of cases isn’t much extra work, and a spare set will definitely be worth having.

(They’ll make a good ornament/doorstop at least!).