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VIP Tour of Aston Martin!


I was very lucky to be amongst a select few winners of a competition at work, where the prize was a VIP tour of the Aston Martin factory in Gaydon. I could hardly believe it when I found out as…

A) I never win anything
B) Of the people I work with I’m the biggest petrol head 🙂

I spent a very enjoyable two and a half hours being guided round by our incredibly knowledgeable hosts Nick and Miriam. My other colleagues seemed to be having a great time too.

Thanks Nick and Miriam!

Of particular interest to me was the close inspection of the various engines. I didn’t realise the new V8 is fuelled from the outside in (exhaust between the V). Certainly compact and powerful, I wonder if one would fit in the Scimitar?

Having said that, everything was of interest really! A great day apart from the weather, but even that was quintessentially English!!

Machine in action.


We recreated the iso images for each switch on the laptop, then used that to program the gcode for the machine. Having seen the process a few times it’s definitely the future. I think Bob’s Chester mill is a likely candidate for conversion to CNC, but I want to keep the manual option.

Almost a project in it’s own right, but definitely worth doing sometime. Looking at what we achieved on Nick’s machine, it simply wouldn’t have been possible manually.

New Switch Backing Plates.


Couple of car related posts to follow, but still making things and learning all the time 🙂 Back round Nick’s place to design and make a couple of carbon fibre plates, to go behind some new switches in the Scimitar.

The headlights aren’t wired through a relay so all the current goes through the switches. The original lucas switches were good for a few years, but they burn out eventually. The chinese copies on ebay last a few hours if you’re lucky!! Most owners fit relays to solve the problem, but I never liked the original switches so I sought an alternative.

Here’s Nicks machine and laptop where we (we being mostly Nick!) Designed and built the backing plates.

Vale Fred White


A bit of sad news to report with the passing of Fred White. Fred was Bob’s ‘partner in crime’ and the master of the Southbend lathe. He worked with Bob professionally and in retirement, taking a major part in the creation of many home built engines. The article from Classic Bike Magazine gives a much better idea of their record than I can, so I’ll leave the details up to them. I only met Fred once but we got on right away and I was really pleased to have him on board for project Hercules. I guess he’ll just have to watch on from above now.

RIP Chap.