Main Bearing Bore Finished


The main bearing on the timing side has been bored and that happened in no time at all. As per the YouTube videos, using the CNC control to start/stop the motor and feed the cut makes these bores quick to do. Even Bob was able to drive the machine and complete the operation.

All of the bores on the timing side are done now, so the next job is to fit the drive side without removing the timing side from the mill. The dowels will ensure that the cases go back together in the same place, so that the two main bores for the crankshaft to run in are completely concentric. (In theory anyway!).

Changing gear(box).


Now I have a mockup engine, I can experiment with different lean angles to see what looks best. I can also measure the height to see what sort of space in the frame I need. (80cm tall at it’s highest!).

The gearbox from the Toyota is next to the engine in the photo, and they don’t look too bad together. A fluid flywheel, cvt and differential would make for an interesting transmission, but unfortunately the flywheel rotates the other way on the car which adds complications.

A revised plan is to make a 2 speed chain box instead. It needs to be worked out and drawn up, but I think it’s time to change gearbox…. hmm…

Tap tap tap….


It does get a bit monotonous, but I like a job where you can switch off and let your mind wonder. It wondered, long and far – it was great! But now I’m back, and the 16 holes in the second case are tapped M10 right to the bottom. Thankfully Bob did the other set.

32 holes in total, 3 taps per hole. 96 tapping operations. Tap tap… ta-da!