Volumetric Weight.


Just doing some quick calculations for volumetric weight. This is a measure used by airfreight companies to account for space as well as weight. Basically if you air freight a huge sponge it won’t cost much for the weight of it, but it takes up valuable cargo space so you get charged based on volume instead. Like a minimum charge per cubic CM if your cargo is very light, but if it’s heavy it doesn’t come into play. To work it out you have to measure the consignment at the widest, highest and longest points in CM.

Very rough figures for the outfit in CM – 200 x 200 x 150.

They say multiply L x W x H in CM and divide by 6000 to give you the volumetric weight.

200 x 200 x 150 = 6000000

6000000 / 6000 = 1000

Volumetric weight = 1000kgs. Bit of a hike from the 320kgs it actually weighs!

This puts the price up considerably, so it looks like I’ll have to detach the chair. Bugger.

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