The Korean border.


I took a trip to the border with North Korea. It was an organised tour, something I don’t generally enjoy. Being told what to do, where to go and what time to be back doesn’t really work for me! But there’s no alternative if you want to see it, so off I went.

First up was a trip to the Korean war memorial, which had an interesting museum. The tour was guided and an Engrish spreading guy took us through the history of the way. It was actually very interesting, as it’s not something I knew much about. It came very close to a complete victory for both sides, before reaching the stalemate at the 38th parallel.

Amongst the exhibits was the captured staff car of Kim Il-sung. Whilst it was quite an impressive machine, I much preferred this captured Russian reconnaissance vehicle. The Dnepr outfit is cool in any theatre of war, but cooler still in peacetime. I want one!! (In black of course!).

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