Thoughts on Korea


As I will be leaving Korea tomorrow, I thought I’d say a few words about the place. It’s been a very interesting few days and I’m glad I decided to come here. I could have had the bike sent directly to Vladivostok, but I really would have missed out.

I’ve seen a lot of a country which is essentially around 60 years old, with most of the infrastructure completed in that time. I’ve also seen temples dating back to the 1600s, saved from the ravages of war. I’ve been impressed with the general efficiency of the place, with the exception of the drainage, which trends to make the cities smell and is a real shame.

I’ve met some very nice people, with the odd grumpy one – but the balance is definitely in favour of the nice! I’ve sampled food which I would never have chosen, or even imagined could exist! Not all of it good, but you have to try it to find it – and I’m much richer for having had that experience.

The language barrier wasn’t a barrier at all. I got by with hand signals, pictionary and Google translate and it was actually good fun! So as I board the ferry tomorrow it will be with mixed feelings. I’ve enjoyed Korea immensely, but I’m definitely ready to leave. To the reserved people of the nation – I salute you.

My new traveling buddies tend to agree with the sentiment, and we all agree….. Bring it on Russia!

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