Yakety yak.


Take out the papers and the trash… etc. That song has been knocking around my head all day, ever since I came across a herd of Yak today. (Ken calls it a “Yak pack”). I don’t think I’ve seen a yak before. Maybe in a zoo one time, but it wasn’t something I remember particularly.

They didn’t seem too bothered about me or the bike. Like most of the livestock I’ve seen, goats, horses, cows and sheep – they’re all surprisingly relaxed around motorised transport. I would have thought it would be the opposite.

There’s a fashion show in Tsetserleg tonight. We’re not there to see it, but last night we met one of the organisers, Michelle. It was a stroke of luck as the lady in the restaurant didn’t speak any English, and the menu was in Mongolian – with no pictures!!

She fetched Michelle from the next table, who spoke very good American and translated for us. Thanks for that! I hope the show goes well for them, it’s to promote the benefits of Yak wool. Hmm, I wonder what song they’re playing as the models walk down the catwalk?

About Sophie Whiptank - aka Bart

I'm just a bloke doing some stuff, the more interesting bits I post on my blog. Scroll down far enough and you'll see me riding from Melbourne Australia to Birmingham, England in 2014. But now I'm working on another project, a single cylinder motorbike engine at 2750cc!

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