Moscow bike life


On the last night we went to the Moscow state university, where all the bikers meet. Nothing actually happens there, just like minded people socialising. It was a good friendly atmosphere. There’s a great view of the city too. We met up with some of Helgi’s friends including a lady on a Hyabusa, then went for a ride to the downtown.

With very little traffic at night you can get a move on, it was good fun going around the ring roads and through the tunnels. I saw a black Lamborghini going very fast, looking for a race. Later I saw a red Ferrari doing the same. On the right bike it would be a blast racing them through the tunnels at night, though I’m not sure I have the balls for it these days. Maybe I’m getting old?

After saying goodbye in the morning I got an escort to the exit road to the border. Very useful as I’m good at getting lost! The daytime traffic wasn’t too bad, but the drivers…..

I’d been warned about crazy car drivers, ‘be very careful’ everyone says! I’ve seen a lot of Russian driving now and first impressions are that they they’re all mad. However, I realise now that isn’t a fair assessment, in general Russian drivers are very good. Moscow drivers particularly. They can really drive.

The average driver knows exactly how big their car is, and is able to drive it within an inch of the next car without making contact. They are also spatially aware, knowing who is behind them, to each side and in front. ‘Sorry mate I didn’t see you’ doesn’t apply here, as the drivers actually look properly and see bikers. In many ways much better than lazy people at home and in Oz, who just can’t be bothered to look.

However, despite this there are still a lot of accidents. I counted 8 in just 2 hours of riding. Drivers let themselves down here with their margin for error, they just don’t leave any! When something does go wrong they have no options and BANG! (Usually it’s a big bang too). If that was to change it would be pretty safe, but for now it’s eyes open and full on self preservation mode!

Be very careful!!

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