Finnish camping


It’s very cold and I was tossing up getting a cabin versus camping. It was a fairly easy decision, camping is €57 cheaper than a cabin. You can buy a lot of beer for that, or dinner even.

Well, I say that but I haven’t actually tried here in Finland yet. I’ll let you know!

Norway has a reputation for being expensive and I’d say that depends. Pizza and coffee was $50. Hamburger and chips was also $50. But if you don’t eat or drunk anything it’s works out fairly cheap!

I’m glad I went and I’d recommend it. It’s a great place if you can afjord it! (Groans).

The camp site is great, everything I need and a great view of the lake. I’m off for a walk into town now (if is open). Let’s hope the pub doesn’t Finnish early! (Ouch).

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