Dykes on Bikes


No, wait up. That’s not right. Bikes on dykes, that’s more like it! If you came to this page looking for something else, well shame on you! (But thanks for helping with the hit count).

The Dyke is an impressive piece of engineering. You need to see it up close to fully comprehend the scale of it all. Of course there’s not just one Dyke, but a series of complex flood defence mechanisms working in tandem. However, the part I rode over immense! I thought I was riding along the seafront, until I realised that the sea should be on my right, not my left.

On the left was a huge freshwater mass that looked like the sea. It was that big. When I came to a parking spot on the top, it became evident how large it was. Taking to Jouke he tells me they had some scientists staying who were studying the dyke. The weak point is the lee side, not the front. If waves break over the top, the turbulent flow at the base of the lee side breaks down the structure from behind. So now you know!

I looked for holes and had my finger ready, but Holland didn’t need a hero today.

About Sophie Whiptank - aka Bart

I'm just a bloke doing some stuff, the more interesting bits I post on my blog. Scroll down far enough and you'll see me riding from Melbourne Australia to Birmingham, England in 2014. But now I'm working on another project, a single cylinder motorbike engine at 2750cc!

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