Driving the sleeve


Whilst I’m press hunting attention has turned to completing the sleeve drive. I haven’t bought any sprockets yet, but with an old one laid over the drawing along with some chain it began to get real.

Bob put the sprocket carrier / sleeve drive crank we made at the top and overlaid the oil pump and worm at the bottom. So the sleeve drive assembly looks pretty complete, certainly enough to see how it’s all going to work.

Some thought and effort has gone on in the background, working out how to set the valve timing. Then how to adjust the valve timing after that! Using 22/44 toothed sprockets and 3 fixing bolts, we’ll have a vernier adjustment to fine tune jumping a tooth.

Bob has devised a 9 hole mounting pattern that allows timing adjustment down to 0.9°. That should do it!

About Sophie Whiptank - aka Bart

I'm just a bloke doing some stuff, the more interesting bits I post on my blog. Scroll down far enough and you'll see me riding from Melbourne Australia to Birmingham, England in 2014. But now I'm working on another project, a single cylinder motorbike engine at 2750cc!

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